We know how intense an interview can be—but it doesn't have to be scary! By arriving well-prepared, you will have the confidence to succeed and minimize the frustration level. What can you do to
make yourself stand out in a sea of other candidates? 


Preparation is the key to any successful job search. Laying the groundwork before you face the interview, you'll have the confidence to succeed and keep the frustration level down to a minimum. 


Neatness, grooming, and a professional look are the
keys to success. Be friendly, warm, and enthusiastic to
everyone you meet, from the secretary
to the president.



An interview is a time for you and the company to get acquainted, compare goals, and ask questions, the means of determining if you "fit."


Through many years of experience, it is safe to advise entirely against accepting a counteroffer. It's simply an inducement from your current employer to get you to stay with the company.